The Sandbox teamed up with SM Brand Marketing

The blockchain-based metaverse experience and Animoca Brands subsidiary, The Sandbox has announced its new partnership with SM Brand Marketing. Key elements of this collaboration would be the creation of unique land on the metaverse and a highly unique series of NFTs.

For SMBM, the partnership involves the creation of a brand new plot of digital land for the company. While it’s tenuously named ‘SMTOWN LAND’, it will be created in a dedicated region of The Sandbox for K-Content known as ‘K-verse’. The K-verse will play host to meetups and concerts featuring artists linked to Sandbox partners.

“SM Entertainment Group has become of a company which has unlimited potential to expand in the digital world based on numerous IPs, artists, and the SMCU within the metaverse through this partnership opportunity.” — Chris Lee, CEO of SMBM

This partnership also involves the formation of a ‘re-creator economy’, in which users can enjoy multiple games and create NFT items based on SM Entertainment Group’s IP.

The duo will also collaborate in order to plan and create NFT products based on their properties while ensuring fan participation through dedicated services. Moreover, they plan to ensure compatibility such as NFT swap between the platforms of The Sandbox and SM Entertainment Group’s P2C ecosystem, which will be built in the future, and the creation tool by SM Entertainment Group.

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