Crafting and colonizing in Parsec Frontiers

More information on the gameplay in this forthcoming virtual galaxy MMO

As sci-fi fans, one blockchain game we’re keeping an eye on is virtual galaxy MMO Parsec Frontiers, from Norway developer Artplant.

Bring yourself up to speed with our previous game profile, What is Parsec Frontiers?, then prepare to drop out of warp speed for this mission update with new information on one of the most promising blockchain games in development.

One interesting addition is players can secure the exclusive rights to the blueprints required to craft complex objects

Artplant’s ambitions for its 4X game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate) are nothing short of creating, ‘A living breathing game world’ – or more appropriately, galaxy.

The game mechanics are based on an open economy that will unite and separate players as they cooperate or compete to achieve their goals.

Crafty things

Key to any activity is the crafting process that will create any in-game object other than raw materials. Resources can be turned into small items or components such as circuit boards, which can in turn be used to create more complex crafted object like engines.

Some objects will even require a construction facility, while the largest projects can only be undertaken by  several players over a significant amount of time.

One interesting addition is players can secure the exclusive rights to the blueprints required to craft complex objects, and either keep them to themselves, or distribute them to a selection of players for a fee or for mutual benefits. The game will continue to release blueprints for new objects as humanity rebuilds and expands its technology base.

Colonies and cooperation

Habitable planets are a scarce and valuable resource for players to discover as they explore the galaxy. They can then choose to either claim the planet for a fee – sounds like space bureaucracy to us – or sell its location to another player.

Each planet has a few different plots that can be populated, and these all have individual deeds, meaning they can be owned by different players. Some planets will have rich resources that are ideal for mining, while others will have surfaces that make large refining or construction facilities cheap and fast to produce.

With a range of locations suitable for different tasks, players will have to coordinate their efforts and plan ahead, like real world investors predicting the future development of a city.

We look forward to finding out more about the ships, travel and trade soon.

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