GameStop launches beta digital wallet for users to receive Crypto and NFTs

It’s been an interesting few years for GameStop, to say the least. From being the target of a huge amount of investment from Redditors, now, it’s announced a new digital wallet for crypto and NFTs.

Announcing on Twitter, the games store has stated that, while being a beta launch, users will be able to store, send and receive crypto and NFTs via web browsers. At the moment, the wallet is available on Google Chrome and Brave, with GameStop adding that they aim to launch on iPhone.

On the Twitter thread, it also added several details about the wallet itself. For example, it has Ethereum layer 2 integration, side-stepping a lot of the inflation of costs that come with transactions directly on Ethereum. A lesson that is fresh in the mind of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT owners.

Of course, the wallet’s beta comes ahead of GameStop’s future plan to launch its own dedicated NFT marketplace in tandem with Immutable. From being a declining video game store, to embracing Web 3. The last few years have been unreal for GameStop indeed.

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