Enjin-based Moonshot Voyage slated to launch in July

Harnessing the Enjin protocol and metaverse, Moonshot Voyage is gearing up to launch in July this year. Developed by the development studio – Safemoon Inu – the Enjin alumnus took to Twitter to make the announcement, while also dropping a new teaser video.

Safemoon Inu had previously joined Enjin via its Adopter Program back in October 2021, with the aim of creating a highly accessible, engaging PvP title for players to enjoy.

As a F2P, play-to-earn shooter uses Enjin in order to add some strong utility to its in-game token – $SMI. Along with the digital currency, of course, players can earn and win NFT-based characters, weapons and other items, which are hosted and stored in a player’s Ennjin Wallet.

The net-positive for players and Moonshot Voyage is that the process of minting its NFTs uses Enjin’s. Zero-Fee Jumpnet in order to make sure its game can scale, with minimal carbon emissions and energy expenditure.

Learn more about the game here.

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