Are gaming NFTs all hype? Hear from experts including an investor and a lawyer [video]

Are gaming NFTs all hype? Hear from experts including an investor and a lawyer [video]

With the rise of blockchain-based games today, it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon and assume things will be a financial success. But despite the exponential growth of NFTs in recent years, which ones will actually last five years from now? Discover these topics and more in this panel from the online conference PG Connects Digital #8, which delivers insight and advice into the hype surrounding gaming NFTs. It features a range of expert experience including that of an investor and a lawyer

NFT hype vs their steep learning curve

At the online conference Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #8 (September 2021), Pascal Leblanc (Wondr Gaming), Mark Engelhardt (Fridai), Jason Chapman (Konvoy Ventures), India Atkin (Wiggin) and Dragos Dunica (DappRadar) talk about the amazing growth of NFTs over the years. They share insights on the NFTs they own as well. The panel is moderated by our own Jon Jordan.

The panel also discusses the steep learning curve for gaming NFTs that adds a barrier to entry for beginners. Additionally, they share their concerns about the lack of laws in place that regulate gaming NFTs at the moment.

The dangers of gaming NFTs as a cash grab

Plenty of misguided developers use NFTs as a method of fundraising, which is a big no-no. NFT buyers are speculators – as such, using NFTs to raise funds can be a cheap mechanic that will put off the community further down the road.

Towards the end of the talk, the panel discusses issues on data protection and copyright. They also pose this question to developers: when you want to add NFTs to a game, what’s your primary goal? Will they enhance the overall community experience and player retention in the long run?

This one-hour conference panel is intended for anyone who’s eager to know about how NFTs are considered assets rather than disposable cosmetics. Because of the resale value of gaming NFTs, users tend to be more comfortable with increasing their in-game spending. You can see conference panels like this in person by attending our upcoming partner events.

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