ChuanQi IP Announce Global AirDrop Event To Celebrate The Launch Of MIR2M: The Warrior

An airdrop event will deliver tokens to the first four million users

ChuanQi IP – a subsiduary company from WEMADE CEO, Henry Chang – has launched its first game in its MIR2M series, MIR2M: The Warrior. The game was released the global market on September 1st.

To mark the launch of the game a commemorative airdrop event is now in progress and with total of 1.2 million CQBs being given to the first four million players on a first-come, first-served basis. The event ends at the end of the month.

In addition to this, various events are underway all through September in which a total of 100,000 further CQBs will be given to the first one million people who grow their characters.

MIR2M: The Warrior is a role-playing game featuring Eastern oriental martial arts and was developed using the intellectual property taken from WEMADE’s successful Legend of Mir 2. In the game, players can enjoy a variety of PK contents (Battle of Sabuk, the War of the Territorial Occupation, and more) and take part in Clan-based gameplay such as Clan Boss, Boss Raid, and more.

Further fun comes in the shape of Play and Earn game mechanics that uses CQB tokens, which can be produced with Septaria – the commodity which is obtained for free while playing the game. Furthermore the CQB token will also be used in future games in the MIR2M series allowing players to earn and spend across a range of gaming experiences.

Jointly developed by ChuanQi IP and Hunter Games, MIR2M: The Warrior was onboarded to WEMADE’s blockchain game platform WEMIX PLAY and is playable on both mobile devices and PC client versions.

Find out more about on MIR2M: The Warrior and the in-progress Air-Drop Event on the game’s official website here.

And check out MIR2M: The Warrior on Telegram, and their YouTube channel.

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