New metaverse project Moonland aims to offer an immersive and expansive world

Moonland will see users explore the world and take part in battles be it solo or with friends

Metaverse project Moonland has recently been awarded $250,000 to support its future development and integrate with the Qtum NFT ecosystem.

In Moonland, users will be able to create their own avatar, explore cities, become landowners, and even run a business. The team behind Moonland has been hard at work developing the game built using the power of Unreal Engine 5. The project is set in a stylised space world and will allow its users to adventure solo or with friends, players can explore the world and make discoveries together such as finding and hatching rare pet eggs or attending concerts and battle arenas. The team is also hoping to develop a city within the world’s metaverse, which will see the inclusion of shopping malls and various other spaces for users to enjoy.

Fly me to the moon

With the funds the project received, the team has been busy designing and building the world of Moonland. As a crypto game, the money is also being put towards the creation of the project’s first NFT collection ‘Moonland Punks’. These NFTs use game assets to produce over 10,000 different combinations. Users can mint their own character as an NFT and gain early access to games and social events. Future plans will see the creation of a digital marketplace where assets can be bought and sold.

Community members will be invited to test Moonland’s pre-alpha multiplayer environment to ensure game servers can keep up with demand and future in-person events are intended to take place to generate some excitement around the project.

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