Game of Thrones is entering the realm of NFT digital collectibles

House of the Dragon season one may have come to an end but fans may be jumping back into Westeros sooner than they think… Via NFTs

Nifty’s and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products have announced a new collaboration that will see the creation of HBO’s Game of Thrones NFTs.

The world of Game of Thrones is one loved by fans — despite that final season which we do not speak of – vast, and packed with unique lands and regions, and populated with characters that we learned to love. What a rich and multi-layered backdrop upon which to build a digital product franchise…

Now, Game of Thrones fans can jump back into Westeros for Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm, a new digital offering that will allow fans to build a GOT-themed collection through avatars, thematic activities, on-site engagement, and digital collectibles.

Each of these offerings will be available as assorted packs that come in a variety of types, these include equipables, weapons, companions, or gear that can be “burned or forged” allowing fans to have customisation options to strengthen their avatars. The program will feature other collectible types including locations, characters and “iconic moments”, all of which will all allow collectors to build upon their realm.

NFTs are coming

CEO and co-founder of Nifty’s, Jeff Marsilio commented on the new program saying, “Every so often, a film or television series comes along that pushes the boundaries of its genre so far, it forever changes the creative landscape, becoming a part of our collective cultural identity. Game of Thrones is that series for this generation. Nifty’s is thrilled to be working alongside Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products to keep pushing the bounds of creativity and imagination, through a new kind of digital collectible that will allow fans of the franchise to connect in ways they never have before.” 

Daz 3D – best known for launching and designing NFT projects for CloneX, DC’s Bat Cowl Program, and the Friendship Box BFT for Coca Cola – will be collaborating on the design, development, and production of the Game of Thrones NFT program.

No official release date is noted but Nifty details that this is “only the first of a series of program updates we will share over the coming weeks”.

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