LINE NEXT introduces the Consumer-to-Consumer marketplace on DOSI

LINE NEXT has announced that it’s opened its dedicated Consumer-to-Consumer marketplace on top of DOSI. By opening this C2C service, users worldwide will be able to buy and sell NFTs bought from brand stores and sell to each other.

Among those stores coming to DOSI’s C2C market, one of the first is the Hellbound store. While it’s the inaugural store, many others are scheduled to be added soon. One of the aspects that DOSI emphasises for its market is a simplified transaction process, enabling anyone to learn how to use it with ease.

Once users connect the DOSI Wallet to a MetaMask wallet, they can use Ethereum to buy or sell NFTs with just a few clicks.

Along with Ethereum being accepted as a payment method, major credit cards, Naver Pay and other third-party payment solutions are accepted. LINE NEXT also aims to add more crypto assets and mobile-first payment solutions on a region-by-region basis.

Details about payment methods and DOSI Citizen can be found on the DOSI website (

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