Nümi Tribe welcomes new creators and metaverse enthusiasts to its community

Nümi’s community portal – Nümi Tribe – has officially opened for web and mobile devices for anyone looking to discover the metaverse. Named the Nümiverse, it comes from a global team of passionate developers from major companies like Epic Games, BBDO, Sony, Riot Games and more.

Nümi Tribe is a gathering place dedicated to remarkable personalities where everyone is special, and self-expression is encouraged. The space allows users to find the best reflection of themselves as they explore immersive content and connect with virtual influencers. Nümi Tribe’s cast of colourful and engaging Vtuber personalities include:

  • TechV – An gamer that zeroes on in the latest horror movies and supernatural hobbies like Tarot
  • Divada – Coming from a small own, she aspires to become an idol.
  • Eegee – Along with being a fan of games and anime, she is an art and poetry lover.

According to the Nümi team, the Nümiverse is coming to VR devices in 2023, followed by PC and mobile in 2024. The dynamic digital world is being designed as an entertainment ecosystem where users, influencers, and creators can experience a wide range of activities, features and content, such as large-scale character customisation, virtual social events and live stream integration.

According to the team, the metaverse will provide unique access to Nümi Manga. This hub will house endless anime and manga stories, providing ongoing content that dives deeper into the lore and world, coming soon.

For now, the team will launch its Visual Novel – a mini-game experience with a range of special prizes for players – which is expected to land in January 2023.

The Nümi Tribe community portal is available now on the web and mobile devices for free. More information can be found at https://tribe.numi.net/ and https://www.numi.net/.

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