Secondary market values drop for President Trumps NFT series

President Trump’s NFT trading cards have hit even more snags this month, following plagiarism highlighted by Twitter users. While the collection managed to sell out in pretty impressive time, the hype has faded quite rapidly.

Comparing prices over the last couple of weeks, secondary market sales of these digital cards have seen a massive slip. For example, peak sales back in the middle of December reached over $3.5 million, while only going for 2% of this just a week later – peaking at $60,000.

While this appears to be a nail in the coffin for the collection, they are far from done, and are still within the top 100 NFT collections in sales.

To date, floor prices of these NFTs have dropped to lows of $131, in stark contrast to the $990 price just weeks prior. Even so, this is still roughly 50% more than their starting price of $99 upon initial sale.

Trump’s NFT collection, while mocked by outsiders and Trump supporters alike, the 44,000 NFTs of the former president in various costumes. Costing $99, each of these NFTs enters the holder into a contest to win a range of prizes, including a meet and greet with President Trump.

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