Digital Village raises over $4 million in funding

Digital Village, the Metaverse developer, has managed to successfully raise over $4 million thanks to L’Oreal’s VC – BOLD. Joining L’Oreal’s VS included the British Fashion Council, both of which saw the potential of the metaverse.

Being developed in partnership with VEChain, the Digital Village aims to create a highly scalable, sustainable metaverse experience. With this new injection of capital, Digital Village plans to truly change the engagement between retailers and communities.

Specifically, the capital will be used to enhance capabilities on the metaverse, including tools for its world developer. In addition, funds will be allocated to avatar customisation and store development within its platform.

About Digital Village

As a technology platform, Digital Village empowers developers to create highly immersive digital experiences seamlessly. In a time where blockchain technology proves difficult to navigate and harder to implement, Digital Village aims to take the friction out of the experience.

Being powered by VeChain, these experiences will be not only highly immersive and expansive but resilient and scalable. As previously suggested, the platform seeks to innovate on the current, somewhat analog communication between retailers and communities.

Being within the metaverse, retailers and users alike will be able to build their own little place in-platform to showcase products and services in a way that’s only possible on the metaverse.

For those that are curious, feel free to visit the website here.

You can also check out the platform via this video.

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