NFT influencer loses ‘life-changing amount’ of wealth from malware attack

NFT influencer – NFT God – has reported that his whole crypto wallet was drained of NFTs after clicking on an innocuous Google Ad. From his Twitter account, he stated that he was unknowingly downloading malware upon clicking a download link for a website via Google Ads.

As a result, he added that he lost “a life[-]changing amount of [his] net worth” in an array of digital assets.

It was only when he noticed a few phishing tweets from other Twitter accounts that something was seriously wrong. What’s more, the bad actors also breached his other accounts, such as his Substack (leading to phishing emails being sent to his 16,000 subscribers).

Overall, NFT God lost more than $30,000 (roughly 19 ETH) due to this attack, all before the assets were distributed across multiple wallets. These assets were then transferred across to FixedFloat DEX and then sold off for various cryptos.

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