Parsec Frontiers prototype gameplay video looks great

First look at interstellar 4X blockchain game in motion

Two of the Parsec Frontiers team have posted a YouTube video showing a prototype of the game. Community manager Alexander and producer Trond took viewers on a whistlestop tour of our solar system, the first area in development.

The arc ship we see travelling from Earth to the uninhabitable Mars, Jupiter and Mercury will be playable during the first phase of the game. Each ship will have its own unique identification number, which will be shown on the hull.

In addition to the ID numbers, the uniqueness of ships will add to their value, with some worth more than others. Players will be able to customise their craft, including external colours, if they have the correct resources.

Alexander points out the level of detail in the ship renders and in-flight animations such as lighting from the sun, individual docking stations and thrusters that fire and cut. In the future, the ambition is to be able to spot individual humans in the rotating habitat area.

Time is money

The team is keen to establish a sense of space, distance and time in Parsec Frontiers, so it takes time to travel between planets. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean authentic flight times, but what the duo refers to as ‘meaningful travel time’. The journey between planets within the same solar system will take a few minutes, while travelling between solar systems is a big deal and affects exchanges, so it will take more time.

And that time can be put to good use as players check an exchange, see how the goods and economy are doing, as well as monitor the current status of ship systems and talk to friends or allies.

Get involved

Reminding viewers that the footage shows early work in progress, Alexander says that the team is keen to involve the community and invites anyone interested to share ideas for inclusion in the game via social media.

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