New blockchain games and ICOs roundup – April 16th

The newly launched, revealed or released blockchain games and ICOs over the past seven days

Another seven days have flown by, so it’s time to get you up to date with all the blockchain games and ICOs that have caught our eyes over the last week.

Game for a laugh

It’s been a bumper week for new games this week, but one of the most interesting developments is how Reality Clash is shaping up. It’s a game that combines both the blockchain and AR to create a real-world shooter that’s powered by Ethereum.

If you like your games a little more sedate, then Mythereum is definitely looking interesting. It’s a game that’s all about collecting cards, building up a powerful deck, then fighting other players across the world.

But like I said, it’s been a bumper week, and if you want to see all the games we have, you need to check out our massive list right here.

Games added this week:

  • CryptoCollector
  • LetsBet
  • Ereum BlackJack
  • Buda vs Pest
  • Locus
  • PodgarIO
  • CryptoPainting
  • Desert Dash
  • Ether Online
  • Chain Monsters
  • Pixel Property
  • Ethernaut Game
  • CryptoWorldCup
  • PonziMonopoly
  • Reality Clash
  • KittyHats
  • Hedgie
  • Crypto Jockey
  • Mythereum

ICO little sillhouetto

There aren’t as many new ICOs to report on, but there’s still some interesting ones out there. Prime amongst them is The Abyss, which is a reward system for online gaming.

And make sure you check out our massive ICO list too.

ICOs added this week:

  • The Abyss
  • BGX
  • MyDFS

Oh, and make sure you head back over this way next Monday, when we’ll be showing off more finds in the exciting and sometimes confusing world of blockchain gaming.

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