Immutable announces expansion to its partnership with Warner Bros Discovery Sports

The blockchain tech company – Immutable – has announced a new expansion to its partnership with Warner Bros Discovery Sports, providing a decentralised infrastructure for its mobile game Blocklete Golf.

“We are honored to be a partner and provider of the blockchain infrastructure for an innovator in the sports media landscape like Warner Bros. Discovery and Turner Sports,” said Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable. “Their dedication to pushing the envelope and early adoption of web3 proves that decentralized solutions are on the fast track to mass adoption — offering millions of people new and exciting ways to interact with entertainment mediums while retaining full control over their digital assets.”

Blocklete Golf is an interactive mobile golf game where players can select a golfer and play on dynamic courses in head-to-head matchups or tournaments. Its Play-and-Earn model sets the game apart, allowing gamers to collect, train, and trade unique NFT-based avatars or use them to compete with others. Players can manage their web3 athletes, called “Blockletes,” and achieve their goals by increasing attribute levels — directly affecting utility and value based on in-game performance.

Initially launched on the Flow blockchain, Blocklete Golf will migrate to ImmutableX to leverage its fast transactions and gas-free non-fungible token (NFT) minting backed by Ethereum’s robust security and decentralization. This partnership extension between Immutable and Warner Bros. Discovery Sports comes after the recent launch of the first interactive trivia and fan loyalty program — Bleacher Report Watch-to-Earn (B/R W2E), which goes live each week during the  Emmy Award-winning post game show Inside the NBA

“Immutable has provided the backend technology for our newest Web3 offerings and moving Blocklete Golf to their inclusive and efficient decentralized framework was a natural choice for us,” said Yang Adija, SVP Digital Operations and Innovation for WBD Sports. 

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