Ethermon gets the biggest 3D update

The new Ethermon 3D update introduces Guilds, Mons delegation, multiplayer mode, and more.

Ethermon, one of the earliest NFT games on the Ethereum blockchain, has announced the biggest 3D update. As per the official blog post, the Ethermon team had been silently working during the crypto bear market. And now they are ready to unveil a significant update on Decentraland.

The update includes new Guilds, competitive multiplayer guild game mode, Mons delegation, and Ethermon Legend sale. Along with this, Ethermon has also got a new DCL Hub Website, which serves as a center for guild management and knowledge resources.

Create and Manage A Guild

Create and Manage A Guild

The biggest change is that players can now create guilds, invite other players, and compete with other guilds to top the leaderboard. Guild creators can open and close guild applications, set a criteria, and even set an entry fee.

As of now, the guild will have three roles – Owner, Admin, and Member and each guild can have only 10 members. The roles will be used for the guild’s organization and EMON payouts after a competition.

Multiplayer Guild Game Mode

ethermon leaderboard

So far, Ethermon had been a single-player MMORPG. However, with the new Guild update, the devs have introduced a new multiplayer mode for players. For this mode, players in a guild will have to coordinate and beat other guilds by scoring more. The scores will be displayed on the leaderboard on the Ethermon site.

Delegating Mons

Delegating Mons

With the guilds, players can now delegate their Mons to other players in the guild. The number of Mons that can be delegated depends on the Ethermon Legend PFP a user owns – for each PFP, three Mons can be delegated. As of now, the delegation happens off-chain, so there are no gas fees associated with the transfer.

In addition to the updates mentioned above, there are a few more updates. There will be Guild Bosses, which are to be defeated by Guild members as well as Guild Hunting Quests. Players can collect Action Points and try to top the leaderboard for EMON rewards.

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