The Walking Dead: Empires announces the next playtest

Gala Games and AMC are ready to give players a second dive into the survival game

The Walking Dead: Empires, the play-to-earn game based on the popular TV show, has announced the next playtest. Created by Ember Entertainment, a company recently acquired by Gala Games will begin the second playtest on March 20th, and it will last for two consecutive weeks.

The first playtest was conducted last year in August, and the upcoming one is bigger and “more dangerous” than before.

The Walking Dead: Empires gets a Bigger Map and Elite Walkers

In the last playtest, players could only explore nine zones. However, this time around, players can explore 81 zones, which include Land’s rarities and battlegrounds where players can go PvP against each other.

In the last playtest, players would only have to be wary of other players, but the new playtest would include special elite walkers. These walkers can form hordes, just like in the show, and players can interact with them.

In addition to this, players will now be able to expand their HQ and gain influence over larger areas. This playtest will also give a glimpse of how to use Land Claims and expand your empire.

Unite the survivors, be the Hero, and craft your own items

Players can now form or join alliances of up to 20 players. This will enable players to build together, increase influence, and strategically face threats. Further, playing alongside survivors will help players to complete missions and events.

playtest for The Walking Dead: Empires
An image from The Walking Dead: Empires previous playtest

For this playtest, players can assume the identity of a Hero Card – that is, play as that character. When the game goes live, players can pick the character they want to survive. But for now, the highest rarity Hero will be the playing character. The XP gained during the playtest will be permanently recorded.

Finally, players can now place the crafting station within the game. To craft the best items, players will need to use these stations. The lower-tier items can still be made without the crafting stations.

As the new playtest has several updates and tweaks, it will be more polished than the previous test. With this upcoming version, the creators look to give the players a more realistic glimpse of the survival game.

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