Yuga Labs announces 2D strategy game Legends of the Mara

Following on from its Otherside second demo, Yuga Labs has announced a new 2D strategy game Legends of The Mara.

This plans to immerse users in a world that carries on from Otherside’s Second Trip in the shape of a collection-based game that gives players an insight into the Koda characters, their environment, and the broader story of Otherside.

According to both the team’s Twitter and website, LOTM provides players with a ‘Vessel’ – likely the user’s in-game avatar – while discovering its broader potential and explore the 2D world.

Throughout the game, players will be introduce to the Koda, a mysterious set of characters who play a vital role as keepers within the Otherside, and supernatural capabilities and skills such as farming, enchanting and hunting.

Under the right conditions, and with the introduction of new apprentices (the Mara), players will be able to evolve them into ‘Kodamara’.

All of these elements shed some insights into the kind of ways blockchain and NFT mechanics will be woven into the Legends of the Mara.

Before the game is slated to launch, players will be able to claim a free Vessel, along with decoupling Koda from the Otherside’s Otherdeed land NFTs. Getting a Vessel, complete with a Koda, and players will be well-placed to dive into the world of LOTM by May.

As a blend of strategy, exploration and collection-based gaming and progression, Legends of the Mara also enables players to forge alliances, build their communities and be part of larger-scale, strategic battles against rival plays and alliances.

For more details about the game, visit the website.

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