Find your next job or recruitment hire at PG Connects Seattle’s Careers Zone

Apply for our Careers Zone today for a free ticket to be part of recruitment opportunities at PG Connects Seattle this May 16-17th!

Looking to break into the games industry or find your next exciting job opportunity? Or if you’re on the search for new talent, PG Connects Seattle is the place you’ll want to be this Spring.

We’re making our grand return to our favourite U.S. city, Seattle, next month, and you won’t want to miss out. This May 16th to 17th, PG Connects Seattle is bringing together over 1,000 attendees from the games industry all over the globe to network, pitch and learn from over 150 of the games industry’s top authorities. The event will cover mobile, PC, console, web3, AI, AR and so much more across multiple track rooms. Our brilliant speakers and panellists will deliver insightful content into design and development, monetisation and growth, life as an indie, new technologies, company culture and loads more. Along with all this amazing content, our industry-renowned matchmaking opportunities are back. This includes our popular Big Indie Pitch Competitions, Publisher SpeedMatch and Investor Connector. A focus for this conference is diving into new technologies, particularly AI and Web3 and their impact on the games industry, to reflect the most up-and-coming industry trends that you need to know about in 2023.

That’s not all, either. Today, the star of the show is the Careers Zone, a free dedicated recruitment fair running alongside day two of the conference on May 17th that puts jobseekers in touch with recruiters from the games industry looking for qualified talent. If you’re a jobseeker looking to take the next exciting step in your career in the games industry, you absolutely won’t want to miss this free opportunity to connect with recruiters and enjoy full complimentary access to the conference (we have very limited free jobseeker tickets available, so don’t wait to get involved). Keep on reading to find out more about what this job fair is all about, who will be there and how you can get involved in this amazing free opportunity. This is a fantastic opportunity for recruiters to find dedicated talent that’s actively looking for work in the games industry and investing in themselves, it’s the place to find remarkable talent that’s ready to take on their next great challenge.

What is the Careers Zone?

The Career Zone is a dedicated jobs fair running alongside day two of the PG Connects Seattle conference on May 17th. It will feature over 10 tables of recruiters from major games studios and publishers in Seattle and nearby cities. The event is free to attend for jobseekers. There will also be a jobs board where companies can post current openings. This Careers Zone will be a recruitment opportunity for companies in the games industry to meet with prospective new employees. Participants will also be able to explore and experience the full PG Connects conference free of charge. In the fast-changing games industry, recruitment fairs are particularly useful for connecting companies that may be hiring with candidates currently seeking new opportunities, especially following the recent period of layoffs.

When is it happening?

The Careers Zone takes place on day 2 of the conference, May 17th. But a recruiter table in the May 17th Careers Zone and a jobseeker ticket to it also grant access on both days to all other PG Connects activities so you can enjoy the full two days of the conference.

How can I get involved?

As a recruiter, the Careers Zone is an unmissable opportunity to meet highly qualified local candidates face-to-face. Taking one of the 10 available free tables grants you valuable exposure for your company and you can build connections with other authority figures in the industry. If you’d like to participate as a recruiter, please email the event organisers directly at [email protected].

As a jobseeker, this is exactly the next step you’ve been looking for to explore the best career opportunities in the games industry (and get full complimentary access to PG Connects Seattle while you’re at it!). Whether you’re a games veteran seeking your next challenge or a jobseeker looking for their first position working in the games industry, this is a job fair you won’t want to miss. The Careers Zone will feature studios and publishers of all sizes hiring for roles across the industry. Attendance is free upon application, and in addition to meeting recruiters face to face, you’ll have access to a jobs board posting current openings, and complimentary full access to the rest of PG Connects Seattle. To apply for a free jobseeker ticket, please fill in this form. Keep in mind that there are very limited numbers of jobseeker tickets available, so the sooner you apply, the better. If you are qualified for participation and receive a jobseeker ticket, it will be valid for you to attend both days of the conference, May 16th-17th, including all the talks and panels and party.

Who all is going to be there?

We have studios and publishers of all sizes and from all corners of the industry joining us at the fair next month. This is the perfect opportunity for you to connect with local games industry companies in Seattle looking for your talent! Among our expected recruiters will be…

  • GG Locators
  • Very Very Spaceship
  • Big Fish
  • PerfectDay

Stay tuned to learn more about the fantastic recruiters that will be joining us next month!

What do the recruiters have to say?

We spoke to just a few of the fantastic companies that will be joining us in the Careers Zone in Seattle, here’s what they have to say to candidates coming into this opportunity.

“At our core, we believe in the power of gaming to bring people together and foster a sense of community. We strive to create games that not only entertain, but also challenge players to think and explore in new and exciting ways. Candidates interested in joining VVS should want to be a part of this journey as we continue to push the boundaries of game development and create innovative gaming experiences that inspire and engage players around the world.” – Sara Carmen H., VV Spaceship

“The game job market is tough right now. I have three things to suggest. 1. Don’t give up, 2. Take the time to continue building your skills 3. Get out and go to any type of game/tech meetups. Everyone is sympathetic about the job market.” – Cami Smith, GG Locators

Join us at PG Connects Seattle!

Even if you don’t qualify for a jobseeker ticket or would prefer not to wait and gamble with your entry to the show, you can secure your ticket as soon as today over on our official PG Connects Seattle website. We currently have a limited time Midterm offer running that can save you as much as $170 if you buy your ticket before prices rise, don’t miss it.

Thank you to our fantastic sponsor for the Careers Wall, Big Fish – we’re thrilled to get to work together to pave the way forward for the present and future of the games industry!

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