Sky Mavis turns axies into dynamic NFTs

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Axie Infinity has introduced two new features, including Axie Experience Points, AXP, and Axie Levels.

Players who own NFTs can now upgrade their axies by earning AXP in Axie Infinity Origins, by investing their time, effort and skill. By participating in ranked battles in Origins that consumes stamina, players will be granted 150 AXP for each axie on the winning team.

A cap of 4500 AXP can be earned a day, and once an axie reaches 13,310 AXP it will be ascended. This means they will be levelled up and in effect turn into dynamic on-chain NFTs.

“We’ve always envisioned axies as important parts of our identity. Digital pets. Digital friends. To get there, we need to have systems where you can infuse your axies with your time, effort, energy, and skill. Systems of vertical progression rather than horizontal progression. Deeper vs. wider. AXP lays the foundation for Axie Progression,” comments the Sky Mavis team.

Additionally, axies that are levelled up will be able to upgrade their body parts at a later stage.

Sky Mavis is also working to integrate AXP into more experiences, including first-party games such as Homelands as well as partner games in the Ronin ecosystem.

For more details, check out the full announcement.

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