The stars your destination with CryptoSolaris

Seats are available to book now with cryptocurrencies for an end-of-year launch.

Cryptosolaris appears to be a novel way of crowdfunding something – even if exactly what that something is remains unknown. A countdown, dominating the project’s website, is counting down to the end of this year.

Framed as a spaceship launch, prospective buyers can purchase varying levels of tickets for seats on the vessel, which grant bonuses in the final product. Each level adds rewards, raising an unspecified comfort and prestige levels; and curiously, increasing amounts of virtual Lamborghini sports cars.

Tickets can be purchased via cryptocurrency alone; accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Exact details on the game itself are hard to find, but rumour is that the end result will be a browser and/or mobile focussed MMORPG.

In a welcome move, CryptoSolaris claims that 50% of funds raised will be donated to conservation charity WWF. Whether the spaceship project takes off and turns out to be out of this world or not, digital ticket holders can at least sit comfortably knowing they’ve done their part for endangered wildlife on our own world.

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