Tencent moves into blockchain with Let’s Hunt Monsters

A Cryptokitties and Pokemon GO style mashup sees the Chinese giant take on crypto

Chinese games publishing giant Tencent has entered the blockchain gaming ring with Let’s Hunt Monsters.

Combining popular elements of CryptoKitties and Pokemon GO, Let’s Hunt Monsters sees players encounter monsters in the real world and capture them through an AR interface. The title plays remarkably similar to Pokemon Go. However, Niantic’s smash hit remains unavailable in China, giving Tencent a chance to capitalise on its home advantage. Very little is known about this ecosystem, but the publisher plans to share it with partners to ensure an open and fair environment.

Alongside the monster capturing system, players can collect, trade, and breed up to 110 billion digital cats. Having built its own blockchain ecosystem to facilitate this system, it’s currently unknown how this side of the game will interact with the real-world capture portion. However, Tencent is arguably the largest player in the game publishing space, managing titles like League of Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in China. Seeing them enter the Blockchain space may be enough for other publishers to take on the technology.

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