Krafton reveals Overdare – its UGC metaverse

Previously known as Project Migaloo, Krafton – and its joint venture partner Naver Z – have now formally revealed Overdare, an NFT-focused metaverse that will use the new Settlus blockchain and heavily leverage into user-generated content.

It’s released a short trailer highlighting an open world metaverse, with cutting-edge graphics using Unreal Engine 5, featuring live concerts, exclusive items, user-created games and the ability to build environments.

The headline mission is “Create, Play, Live New”.

In terms of timescales, Overdare is expected to hit soft launch in December 2023, officially going live in the first six months of 2024.

In a Medium post concerning the thinking behind Settlus and Overdare, Krafton says that the main focus of the project will be to create a mass market user experience with a lot of avatar customization and retailing options – Naver Z runs the highly popular Zepeto avatar-based social network – so web3 features will be carefully integrated not to cause friction.

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