Mantle launches Mintle marketplace with Rarible

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NFT marketplace Rarible has added support for another blockchain with the news it’s now integrating with the new Mantle blockchain, from what was previously known as BitDAO.

Mantle is an EVM L2 blockchain that uses modular architecture to reduce transaction fees. Rarible currently also supports Ethereum, Polygon, Tezos and Immutable X.

The first app to go live on Mantle will be enforced-royalty NFT marketplace Mintle, which uses Rarible’s own open source Rarible Protocol that powers hundreds of games, wallets and other web3 applications.

In celebration, Mantle is launching its Citizens of Mantle NFTs, which is a dynamic collection that will evolve alongside milestones within the Mantle ecosystem as users build, connect, play, earn and trade.

“We’re incredibly excited to support Mantle Network in growing its NFT vertical because it’s another step towards realizing Rarible’s cross-chain vision. It aligns perfectly with our ethos of fostering community-centric marketplaces while pushing the boundaries of what NFTs can offer,” commented Rarible’s chief strategy officer Alex Salnikov.

“Launching the Mintle marketplace is the perfect way to bring Rarible’s marketplace experience to a wider, more engaged audience.”

Previously known as BitDAO, Mantle consists of its new blockchain, which is backed by a $200 million ecosystem fund, which is part of its DAO treasury currently worth $1.9 billion. This treasury also supports initiatives such as Game7 and EduDAO.

Find out more at the Mantle website and check out Rarible here.

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