Games From Space wants your GPU power, will pay with games

Software will use client PC GPUs to mine various cryptocurrencies


German company Pythonic Media is offering PC games in exchange for users’ GPU power. By downloading their application, Games From Space, users can dedicate part of their GPU power towards cryptocurrency mining.

By loaning out power, clients generate Space Coins. The rate at which these coins generate varies depending on the user’s GPU power – the better the card, the faster the rate.

These can then be spent on a variety of PC games from the Games From Space storefront. Conveniently, the store gives an estimation of how long a game will take to unlock. Six days mining on a GeForce 1070 will land you Cities: Skylines, for example.

Crypto could do with the goodwill from the PC gaming community. Since the rise of blockchain technology, the cost of upgrading to a new GPU has skyrocketed as gamers compete with miners. That said, proud PC builders might pause at the idea of handing over control of their carefully assembled gaming rigs to mining companies.

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