CryptoCarz shifts into gear with blockchain powered VR Racing

Blockchain Studios brings crypto racing powered by VR, not V8

Blockchain Studios has revealed the first details about its new crypto collectible VR racing game, CryptoCarz.

CryptoCarz is penned as a fully immersive virtual reality racer, with multiplayer races against other players in unique cars. Each run of a particular model of car will have a limited number of unique vehicles, which can be bought or rented out to take part in races. The first 20 models are themed around popular cryptocurrencies.

Initially, the cars will be sold via the CryptoCarz website through a series of online auctions. CryptoCarz vehicles exist on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC721 non-fungible tokens. Once purchased, a buyer will retain ownership of their car stored in their wallet. In the coming months, a dedicated CryptoCarz marketplace will open, enabling trading on a secondary market.

Blockchain Studios co-founder and ceo Daniele Sileri quite boldly claims: “CryptoCarz is the first platform to bring together blockchain, VR and gaming technologies. By giving gamers news options to visualize, own and adapt and race their own car, we think a new era in gaming has arrived.”

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