War of Crypto: Enjin-powered fantasy battler

Minecraft modders take to the blockchain for standalone game

Enjin has shared some information about the forthcoming War of Crypto, a new crypto collectible fantasy hero battler developed by Lucille Games.

War of Crypto is a PvP multiplayer game with collectible heroes, set in an incredibly detailed epic fantasy world facing a relentless, imminent doom. Players will level-up, customise, and battle ENJ-powered crypto-heroes — and buy and sell them for Enjin Coin. Enjin claims it will have, “A brilliant story, gorgeous 3D graphics, marvelous game mechanics — and blockchain-based gaming assets created with Enjin Coin.”

Enjin is working with developers Lucille Games, best known for creating Pokefind – a Pokemon mash-up mod for Minecraft that saw some viral success through YouTube. War of Crypto appears to be a step up not only in attempting to integrate blockchain technology, but also in moving from modding Minecraft to developing standalone games in Unity.


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