Play2Live launches $2 million seed venture fund for emerging esports projects

Will also kick off series of 48 hour hackathons

Blockchain streaming and esports platform Play2Live has announced it’s launching a $2 million venture fund.

Focused on esports-related projects originating from eastern Europe and the former Soviet states, the fund will invest up to $150,000 at pre-seed and seed stages.

Play2Live is also planning a number of 48 hour hackathons in various cities, each of which will boast a $10,000 prize fund.

Building an esports ecosystem

It hopes to further expand the fund with additional external investment in future and will support these efforts by setting up an advisory board

“It is extremely important for us to support the fast-paced, rich-in-opportunity esports market,” commented Play2Live CEO Alexey Burdyko.

“Every day we receive calls from projects preparing for their token sale, or various startups looking for financial investments. To help them in the most efficient way and to identify the most promising ones, we decided together with Play2Live partners and investors to launch a fund and start working right away. “

Play2Live has itself raised over $30 million in investment and recently announced it was creating its own blockchain architecture called Level Up Chain.

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