Sega and Line Next strengthen ties

Sega and Line’s web3 venture Line Next have signed a partnership featuring an IP deal which was officially announced in July 2023. In conjunction with the news, it was revealed that Sega would bring one or more of its game IPs to Game Dosi, which has since rebranded to DOSI platform and launched earlier in January 2024.

On the back of their joint venture, Sega Singapore – which is a subsidiary of the Sega group and the team in charge of Sega’s general web3 business – has recently become a governance member and node validator of Line Next’s Finschia blockchain. 

Sega Singapore’s role has been defined as expanding the Finschia ecosystem, on which DOSI and its partner games are deployed, and more broadly to popularize web3 by leveraging some of Sega’s popular IPs.

During its slump in mid-2023 there were predictions that Sega would pull out of the web3 gaming sector, mainly based on Sega co-COO Shuji Utsumi questioning the point of web3 games if they weren’t fun.

Since then, however, Sega has repeatedly emphasised its intention to remain in web3 and integrate blockchain technology in current and future games.

The news comes in addition to Finschia and Klaytn’s joint proposal of a merger. In relation to this, web3 tech company Neopin will launch the first bridge connecting Finschia to Ethereum and Klaytn. It’s expected to take place by the end of February.

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