Top 10 most anticipated blockchain games

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While some predict the imminent downfall of blockchain gaming, we’re happy to let the games talk for themselves.

For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 most anticipated blockchain games, listed in alphabetic order.

Blocklords (Metaking Studios)

Mediaeval PC strategy game Blocklords has been in development in various stages since 2019, which is a prime example of the complexity involved in building not only a game, but a fully decentralized on-chain game economy.

With blockchain elements a secondary feature, the main focus is on deep and fun gameplay as well as a strong community. Blocklords’ early community beta build launched earlier in 2023 and has proven to be a success among its 5,000 players.

Working through the tutorial and beyond provides an engaging experience in terms of how the game’s resource-based economy will eventually work. In addition it offers some insight into the metagame aspects for higher level players, which include being lords of the land and setting taxes for their citizens.

Developed by Metaking Studios, Blocklords is PC-based and deployed on Immutable. Players won’t require NFTs to play, although NFT holders will be able to import them into the game unlock new features and boosts.

Find out more at the Blocklords website.

Champions Ascension (Plai Labs)

While launching its Prime Eternal NFTs in early 2022, Champions Ascension has undergone more than just a cosmetic makeover. In the beginning of 2023 the team developing the game spun Plai Labs out of Jam City, raising $32 million in the process.

In addition, and perhaps more significantly in terms of its web3 aspects, Champions Ascension then migrated fully to Polygon, which means NFT holders who want to play the game have to move their assets from Ethereum to Polygon. Despite this, the skill-based combat RPG has continued to be one of our most anticipated blockchain games, thanks in part to the attention to detail it’s taken on its setting and world lore.

A F2P PC-based game with integrated NFTs, Champion Ascension is currently in early alpha mode.

Find out more at the Champions Ascension website.

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles (Ubisoft)

Part of the ChampionsVerse service on the Oasys blockchain, Champions Tactics‘ high profile is inherent as its status as the first web3 title from leading game developer Ubisoft. Players seem assured of a certain standard of gameplay, which is what the blockchain games space has increasingly demanded.

A handful of teasers is all that’s been revealed about the game so far, but it’s been described as a tactical PVP RPG revolving around mythical champions, battles and legends set in the mystical world of Grimoria.

Champions Tactics is PC-based and will launch an initial drop of free NFTs, but it’s not confirmed whether or not the game itself will be F2P.

Find out more at the Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles website.

Guild of Guardians (Immutable/Mineloader)

We were excited about Guild of Guardians even before it underwent a complete reboot and changed co-development team, going from an action RPG into a roguelite squad RPG – in our eyes a significant upgrade. It only confirms the game’s status as one of our most anticipated blockchain games in 2023.

Published by Immutable and developed by Mineloader, the studio behind titles like Final Fantasy XIV, Biomutant and The Last of Us, the game is based on mobile and free-to-play. Full release is expected in Q4 2023.

Find out more at the Guild of Guardians website.

MetalCore (Studio 369)

One of our most anticipated blockchain games, MetalCore, has been in development at US outfit Studio 369 since 2021. A largescale free-roaming sci-fi shooter, it looks to combine the all-arms gameplay of games like early Battlefield with the scale of MechWarrior, allowing players to take control of futuristic mechs and air vehicles.

With customizable NFTs such as mechs, vehicles, weapons, and more, the MetalCore team has paid particular attention to the game’s artistic features.

While fun and action are key to its gameplay, in the longer run the team has wider ambitions of building a deep metagame with a sustainable ecosystem including high utility NFTs.

Built with Unreal, MetalCore has raised $15 million in funding. It’s set to launch on browser and PC later in 2023, and will deploy on Immutable

Find out more at the MetalCore website.

Project Legends (Azra Games)

Announced in 2022, hero-collecting RPG Legions & Legends recently rebranded to Project Legends. Although that’s only a temporary name, with the final name reveal and more game details being announced in early 2024.

50-strong US-based Azra Games has raised $25 million in funding and has adapted a long-term approach, according to Azra Games CEO and founder Mark Otero.

Otero had retired from making games, but the introduction of web3 inspired him to get back in the swing of it. With Project Legends being his ninth hero collection game, players and collectors have high expectations of what promises to be a truly immersive sandbox experience mixed with hero RPG-style gameplay with high-end technical execution.

Built for PC and mobile, Project Legend is set to deploy sometime in 2024.

Shrapnel (Neon Machine)

When met with Shrapnel COO Aaron Nonis earlier in 2023, he shared his enthusiasm for the game, calling it “the world’s first blockchain-enabled triple-A first-person shooter”. Built by a team of veterans from companies including HBO, Microsoft, ConsenSys and NVidia, the game has become one of the most anticipated titles among most web3 games enthusiasts for good reason.

Putting loot-extraction at its core, Shrapnel invites players to a sci-fi environment set in 2044, where they take on the role of an operator to compete for pieces of Shrapnel. More than that, the world of Shrapnel allows for any number of stories, including ones created by the player, to emerge through a set of creator tools.

While not using the term blockchain frequently, the team rather emphasises digital ownership and interoperable digital objects.

Shrapnel is built for PC using Unreal Engine and has raised over $10 million. It’s deployed on Avalanche.

Find out more at the Shrapnel website.

The Sandbox (The Sandbox)

A social hub, game builder, advertising channel as well as an educational centre, The Sandbox has always been more than just a blockchain game. With new games, brand collaborations and cultural experiences rolled out on a weekly basis, The Sandbox has become the biggest playground by far in web3.

More significantly, although still in an early stage, is the recently reached milestone in its ambition of becoming a truly open metaverse, by enabling user generated content to be submitted for approval. Something COO and co-founder Sebastien Borget thinks will make the next generation of young players “metaverse natives”.

With over $100 million in funding so far, The Sandbox is PC-based and is currently in beta. It’s set to deploy on Polygon, with land owners enabled to launch their own experiences in Q4 2023.

Find out more at The Sandbox website.

Wildcard (Playful Studios)

Set in the virtual world of Frostburn Village, TCG Wildcard brings champions from across the galaxy to assemble decks of NFT-based cards for arena battles. A collectible MOBA, its focus on accessibility and fun aspire to attract web2 and web3 gamers alike in esports clashes that are just as entertaining to spectate as participate in.

While Playful Studios’ co-CEO Paul Bettner has been described as a crypto skeptic, his experience of making mobile games combined with the more recently sparked enthusiasm for player ownership has stirred up a lot of anticipation surrounding Wildcard. The game’s been in development for more than five years, starting out as a web2 game, and gradually adopting blockchain elements.

Deployed on Polygon, Wildcard is currently undergoing a set of public playtests. It has raised $46 million in funding, and it could well be the most successful least blockchain game in our list.

Find out more at the Wildcard website.

Wreck League (nWay Games)

Multiplayer mech fighter Wreck League is the most recently announced title on our most anticipated list. Despite early days, the game has already seen huge hype, partly due to its collaboration with high profile studio Yuga Labs and the integration of its NFTs.

More generally, Wreck League enables players to assemble and dissemble mechs consisting of 10 various parts, and additional booster parts. Different parts will provide access to different types of attacks, which seem to be controlled by a loadout of action cards, while other may grant special skills or improved energy meter or better block duration.

These combinations will create each mech’s strengths and weaknesses, which in turn will require a certain play style to optimize for success.

Available for PC/Mac (and Android) through a launcher client, Wreck League is set to launch in its initial NFT-based form in September 2023 with a F2P version due in towards the end of the year.

Find out more at the Wreck League website.

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