Antler Interactive unveils new web3 fantasy RPG Cloudborn

Swedish game developer Antler Interactive has announced its second web3 game, fantasy RPG Cloudborn, and will showcase an early demo of the game in conjunction with GDC.

With some similarities to the studio’s initial title My Neighbor Alice, Cloudborn is a free-roaming open world fantasy RPG set across a sea of floating islands. In contrast to the picturesque nature surroundings of Lummelunda however, the game is filled with more challenges and allows players to travel in personalised airships. Along the way, they will encounter various interactive characters, not all who are as friendly as Alice, as well as strategic turn-based battles.

Notably, the world of Miyanu consists of diverse biomes, another core feature of My Neighbor Alice: a significant difference is that Miyanu is an ever-changing environment depending on the player’s own actions. Ultimately community-driven, the game also contains collectible heroes and characters, all which are AI-driven and interact and respond uniquely to each player.

Moreover, Antler Interactive has leveraged generative AI to enhance its interactive tutorials, which means they’re adapted to the player’s own pace.

A playable demo of the game will be available at the Inworld AI booth on 20th March, and the Blockchain Game Alliance booth 22nd March, at the annual GDC conference in San Francisco.

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