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Blockchain hits the [Augmented Reality] track with Krystal Kart and Alto

Augmented Reality can allow for some truly absorbing and innovative titles.

For the Stockholm-based developer, Antler Interactive, this includes its AR Racing game – Krystal Karts. Antler’s CEO, Anna Norrevik, explains that the game draws upon the charm of classic retro games in its creation.

“Drawing inspiration from childhood memories of remote-controlled cars and games like Mario Kart.” Norrevik continues.

“[W]e wanted to bring social racing into the future with AR and let fantasy tracks and fun jumps come to life in your living room.”

Digital ownership and Augmented Reality

Along with the visual take on AR-Racing, the games digital assets, including the vehicles themselves, are backed by blockchain. Meaning that users would have full ownership of the various assets they collect and earn.

Antler itself has been working closely with Alto in the creation of these assets, as well as getting them showcased within the latter’s digital asset marketplace.

Alto itself was involved in distributing a number of Antler’s digital assets onto the OpenSea marketplace, making it one of the first titles to combine AR with digital assets.

“Working with Antler Interactive is a great step forward on introducing amazing games to the blockchain,” Alto CEO, Chase Freo explains.

Krystal Kart is perfect in that it accommodates elements and gameplay that’s both familiar and unique while also incorporating blockchain based items that are readily playable in-game.”

Krystal Kart is currently available on iOS and Google.

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