Gaming blockchain Saga announces web3 game publisher Saga Origins

Gaming-centered blockchain Saga has announced a new web3 game publishing team. Titled Saga Origins, the division aims to build a portfolio of cutting-edge web3 games that will reach the global mass market.

To achieve this, Saga not only offers developers grants, but also support in terms of partnerships with influencers, sponsored user acquisition campaigns, community building, and other promotional backing. 

“While the onus of bringing users to the platforms often falls on the game developers, we want to buck that convention and use our platform to bring users to the games instead,” said Saga co-founder and CEO Rebecca Liao.

The news was revealed at the Saga Multiverse Reveal event which was held in San Francisco in conjunction with GDC. In addition to the announcement, the event also provided an early glimpse of some of the games currently being built on Saga, including Rogue Nation and Another World. Currently around 335 projects are developed on the network, of which 80% are estimated to be games.

Saga recently launched two Play-to-Airdrop campaigns, in which game studios and guilds teamed up to organize tournaments where players were rewarded with SAGA tokens. In the latter campaign, Saga collaborated cross-chain with Avalanche, Polygon and Solana.

As part of the event, the company also revealed it’s mainnet launch is slated for launch in April 2024.

“Our Mainnet launch is the culmination of over two years of tireless work by our Saga core team to offer the most performant, lowest cost infrastructure possible to web3 developers. As proud and excited as we are to soon share this release with our Innovators and broader community, it’s only the beginning,” added Liao. 

Find out more at the Saga website.

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