CryptoKitties suspends CurryKitties promotion with NBA star Steph Curry’s involvement in doubt

When a deal isn’t a deal

Less than two weeks after announcing a partnership with NBA star Steph Curry, CryptoKitties has suspended its sale of his namesake CurryKitties.

“When we set out to do the CurryKitties, we believed that Steph was involved on the partner side of the process, providing feedback on design concepts and with a genuine understanding of what we were trying to accomplish here,” commented spokesperson Yasmine Nadery.

We don’t consider it a partnership if the person at the centre isn’t an active participant.

Yasmine Nadery

“We found out last week this wasn’t the case. It appears the agency we signed a contract with does represent Steph, but they didn’t actually have the rights or buy-in they claimed to have.”

AppMoji is the agency on record responsible.

Resetting the situation

Nadery added:

“We’re currently doing everything we can to clarify things. We want to make the most of all the resources we’ve invested in this partnership, but we don’t consider it a partnership if the person at the centre of it isn’t an active participant.

“Until that changes, we’re putting a hold on the auction and suspending the CurryKitties.”

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