CryptoKitties evolving as it moves to new Flow blockchain

In an interesting move, Dapper Labs has announced that it’s going to release a version of CryptoKitties on its new Flow blockchain.

Labelled CryptoKitties-on-Flow, the new experience is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of Flow in relation to Ethereum. 

One obvious change in this regard is that the artwork for kitties will be changed, moving away from the flat 2D signature style to an animated pseudo-3D.

The game will also feature new collecting mechanics, and because Flow doesn’t use proof-of-work, CryptoKitties-on-Flow will be free-to-play without any gas transaction fees. 

In terms of ensuring continuity between the Ethereum and Flow versions of CryptoKitties, the Flow smart contract will be backwards compatible, enabling users to breed kitties created on either blockchain.

Dapper Labs is encouraging developers to build on Flow with its Flow Alpha and Accelerator programs, which offer potential funding and investment for dapps that support CryptoKitty NFTs as well as building new experiences. 

At least $1 million in Flow tokens have also been reserved to incentive players of CryptoKitties to onboard from Ethereum to Flow. 

You can find out more about Flow and its various programs here

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