Gabe Leydon leaves MZ to bring Satori’s AI mesh to the blockchain

LIT token will be based on Hedera Hashgraph

In a move that’s becoming a something of a trend, MZ CEO Gabe Leydon has announced he’s leaving the mobile game developer he co-founded to focus on the company’s emerging blockchain AI business Satori.

I’m excited to focus on what Satori can do when paired to blockchain technology

Gabe Leydon CEO, Satori

Originally the underlying data and messaging technology for MZ’s games such as Game of War, Satori became its own division in 2016.

It’s designed to handle massive amounts of data in such a way that companies can create systems that react immediately to changes.

It’s described as a decentralized AI mesh.

Bringing Satori to the blockchain

Leydon’s new goal is to tokenize Satori by combining the Hedera Hashgraph protocol, and also launch its internal token, LIT.

As part of this process, Satori will become a standalone business.

“My passion has always been in the realtime technology that we’ve developed through MZ’s games and the smart cities platform,” commented Leydon.

“I’m excited to focus on what Satori can do when paired to blockchain technology.”

You can sign up for more information about Satori via its website.

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