Video: Reality Clash’s Tony Pearce on the future of blockchain gaming

Trends from Blockchain Gamer Connects San Francisco 2018

Some were bullish, while others provided alternative points of view, taking a wait-and-see approach during these early days of blockchain technology.

That was the conclusion from Blockchain Gamer Connects San Francisco 2018, where key insights were shared across companies from triple-A to indie.

Looking to the future

One with a bullish view on the future was Tony Pearce, mobile gaming veteran and co-founder of Reality Gaming Group, which was one of the first companies to complete a blockchain game ICO, raising $3.5 million for its mobile AR shooter Reality Clash in summer 2017.

He discussed the 380% increase in the game’s RCC token value upon the recent launch of its tokenized armory, and the likely impact its October release will have as investors finally get to use their exclusive coins and weapons in-game.

Most interesting, however, was the timeline he presented for industry adoption of blockchain

In the next 12 months
  • Improved UI will make player onboarding smoother
  • blockchain mechanics will move to the backend
  • the first blockchain protocols will handle faster transaction speeds and fees will come down
  • Players will also start to understand most digital things they historically purchased were licenses and they really didn’t own anything
In the next 5 years
  • Players will start taking their characters and items between games
  • There will be new game mechanics based on smart contracts
  • Digital rights ownership will start to change
  • Customers will retain ownership and legacy between games
In the next 10 years
  • Item trading will move from grey market to becoming an integral part of a game’s design
  • AR VR avatar ownership will rise
  • Gamers will be talking less about blockchain because secured assets will become common
  • Consumers will go from understanding true digital ownership to demanding it

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Blockchain Gamer Connects will return in Helsinki, Finland on 11-12 September. You can find out more details here

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