The best of Loom’s Unity hackathon in Tokyo

Unity developers crack out a bundle of Loom prototypes in a nine-hour jam session

Blockchain startup Loom recently hosted a hackathon in Tokyo to let developers get their hands on the Loom Unity SDK.

Loom partnered with Japanese games outlet GameWith and local Unity developers to show off the SDK, getting teams to jam out projects in a nine-hour hackathon. Loom stresses that none of the developers arrived with prior knowledge of the SDK, and the jam resulted in at least seven different prototypes.

Loom’s blog post highlighted creations the developer teams managed to produce during the jam. Of particular note are games like Loomspace, a VR game where head-tracking coordinates are stored on blockchain; or Maze Drunker, a labyrinth where players collect alcohol and items stored in their wallet.

Loom will be taking its hackathon to Beijing and Shanghai next, and are keen on hearing from developers who want the event brought to their city.

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