New blockchain games and ICO roundup

We’re proud to bring you the latest news from the blockchain gaming world

Last week was an exciting one for blockchain development across the board, especially for gaming. The conclusion of the Blockchain Summit in London shed some light on the febrile activity going on for BitGuild and PlayKey, for example.

We’re proud to bring you the latest news from the blockchain gaming world, alongside some well-deserved congratulations on a number of exciting events that took place last week.

Rounds of applause for

Bitizens Pioneers pre-sale


On Friday of last week, we saw the anticipated release of BitGuild’s Pioneers Pre-sale, the company’s Initial Item Offering while they continue development of their own game called Bitizens.

Speaking to the company’s founder, Jared Psigoda, he alluded to the unique benefits provided to those that wanted to buy any of the items up for sale. Read more here.

We were fortunate to have Psigoda for the latest of our big interviews so stay tuned!

Lucid Sight release of Cryptic Conjure

Lucid Sight, in developing Cryptic Conjure, sought to put the power of blockchain and spells into the hands of the user. Using both the Ethereum blockchain and Unreal Engine 4, Cryptic Conjure promises to be a unique game with even more unique mechanics. Read more here.

Newest arrivals on our Blockchain Game Directory

Removals from our Blockchain Game Directory

  • 520 Conflict Resolution
  • Aethia
  • AV Stars
  • bchain bid
  • Bit Gallery
  • Block China

New gaming ICOs

  • ChiliZ – Date TBC
  • Provoco – Date TBC
  • Bot Gaming – July 9th
  • CryptoHit – July 13th
  • War Field – July 26th
  • S Game Pro – August 2018

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