BitGuild introduces its Bitizens Pioneer pre-sale event

The run-up to the release of The Rise of Bitropolis

BitGuild’s latest game-in-development, Bitizens, is getting a special promotional before its preview release in mid-July. Early adopters and supporters of the game can participate in Bitguild’s pre-sale event announced today.

Called the Bitizens Pioneer pre-sale, supporters of the game can purchase one or more of 4 clothing sets including what it refers to as an ‘epic’ accessory. Each of these items will provide unique benefits for players that have them equipped.

The pre-sale will take place from June 28th with an end date yet to be specified by BitGuild.

Bitizens become pioneers

The pre-sale event consists of 4 adventure-themed clothing sets and a unique item:

Pioneer of the wilds


Set Includes:

  • Pith Helmet
  • Expedition Jacket
  • Expedition Pants
  • Expedition Boots


Pioneer of the skies

AviationSet includes:

  • Aviation Goggles
  • Pilot’s Jacket
  • Flight Pants
  • Pilot’s Boots


Pioneer of the seas

SeasSet includes:

  • Deep Sea Helmet
  • Diving Top
  • Diving Pants
  • Weighted Boots


Cyberspace pioneer

Set includes:

  • Cyber Helmet
  • Cyber Chest Piece
  • Cyber Leggings
  • Cyber Boots


Unique Item

According to Bitguild, the compass allows users to have improved chances of finding items when mining. Details remain vague as to other perks of having this item, but that must be part of its charm.

For more information about the Pioneer pre-sale, visit the BitGuild page and Twitter for new developments.

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