The Sandbox launches its third LAND presale on 31 March

The Sandbox has announced its third Land presale will start on Tuesday 31 March at 1pm GMT.

This event follows the successful completion of the first two sales, which saw 7.5% of The Sandbox’s total supply of ERC721 LAND NFTs snapped up, generating over 13,000 ETH.

The third presale will be the largest to-date with 12,384 parcels (10% of the total) sold at a 20% discount to the final presale event. 

Following community feedback, these LAND parcels will be organised in larger sizes. 

  • There will be 2,538 individual parcels
  • 750 3×3 estates
  • 50 6×6 estates
  • five 12×12 estates, and
  • one 24×24 estates

In order to participate, users need to create an account on The Sandbox marketplace, set up an Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask and have some ETH or DAI cryptocurrency ready.

You can read more details via Medium and pre-register for the event here.

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