Trending now: this week’s biggest blockchain gaming stories

We get you up to speed with some of the top trending news stories from the week!

Here are some of the top trending news stories from this week:

1) How Blockchain Platform Ultra Plans To Become Steam On Steroids For PC Games

“You can buy games, resell games, buy game items, play games, play in tournaments, bet on tournaments and get tokens for engaging with advertising and through affiliate fees when your friends join.”

2) WAX’s Malcolm CasSelle On Building The Ultimate Game Item Marketplace On The Blockchain

“This is a marketplace-as-a-service, enabling everyone to have their own Amazon.”

3) Comparing The Revenue Split For Blockchain PC Game Distributors

Following our recent interview with blockchain PC game distribution outfit Ultra, I thought it was time to start digging into the sector more deeply.

4) OPSkins Claims Early Success For Blockchain VGO Item Economy

According to DappRadar, VGO is already top-ranked in the Collectibles category with a 7-day transaction volume valued at 394.42 ETH (around $180,000) and 9,929 transactions.

5) B2Expand Introduces The Blockchain Game Summit

Established by the video game studio, B2Expand, the Blockchain Summit aims to connect both blockchain and game developers to build a more collaborative, democratic future for both.

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  2. Virtual Reality Blockchain Alliance Welcomes Aboard Somnium Space
    “We’re excited to join the VRBA to make travel between virtual worlds easy and enjoyable,” said Somnium Space founder Artur Sychov.

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