OPSkins steps up ERC-721 support, adding Fishbank

It’s the third game using the crypto token on OPSkins

Continuing its aggressive positioning as the place to be for trading tokenized games, OPSkins has announced it will add assets from blockchain game Fishbank to its marketplace.

Currently undergoing alpha testing at Chinese studio Chat Robotic, Fishbank is one of the first blockchain games to extend beyond the simple breeding mechanics of titles such as CryptoKitties.

With its PVP gameplay, Fishbank extends blockchain gaming beyond simple breeding mechanics

Instead, you grow your fish via PVP battles: the winner eating mass from the loser and hence growing bigger.

As well as catching, trading and growing fish, the game also includes in-app purchases – one-time-user tokens – as such boosters and shelters, which are contained within a gacha-based chest system.

All this activity is handled by Ethereum smart contracts and each fish in Fishbank is a ERC-721 crypto token.

Nextgen trading

Fishbank is the third game using ERC-721 tokens to be supported on the OPSkin marketplace, where it joins Etherbots and CryptoKitties.

As with all in-game assets available for trading on the site, which also handles the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, Fishbank items can be purchased with fiat currencies, Bitcoin or WAX, the new cryptocurrency created by OPSkins’ creators to improve the trading of in-game assets.

Source WAX PR

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