OpenSea and War Riders announce ‘strategic partnership’ for upcoming pre-order sale

War Riders is getting the word out

A good number of blockchain games are launching this year.

OpenSea, the digital asset marketplace, along with celebrating its recent 1,000 ETH trading volume, has announced, in conjunction with War Riders, that the two companies will be engaging in a ‘strategic partnership.’

Between the two companies, the partnership’s aim is to further increase the level of exposure War Riders has in the lead up to its pre-order sale set to begin on August 20th.

OpenSea and War Riders in ‘Strategic Partnership’

Together with OpenSea, we've developed an interesting technology that allows us to seamlessly integrate two websites and connect them to the same smart contract system

Vlad Kartashov War Riders CEO

Starting on August 20th, War Riders pre-order sale is scheduled to last for two months, with OpenSea having access to the games unique ‘Deadly Car Factory’ smart contract, according to Kartashov.

“The OpenSea users will have exclusive access to our Deadly Car Factory smart contract allowing them to pre-order vehicles without leaving their favorite marketplace,” He continues.

“We’ve always believed in the native integration, and we think the marketplaces could be a great platform to organize the initial sale of in-game items.”

One of the reasons that OpenSea was able to successfully accumulate 1,000 ETH recently was due to the much-anticipated launch of ETH.TOWN.

A partnership with War Riders will certainly see OpenSea’s traffic increase spectacularly too, and Devin Finzer, OpenSea’s CEO has high hopes of this being the result.

“War Riders is one of the most impressive blockchain gaming projects we’ve seen, and we love that they’re building with interoperability in mind from the start,” Finzer continues.

“We’re super excited to partner on the launch of the game and support War Riders items on our marketplace. It’s a unique time in the blockchain gaming space as new, high-quality teams are both building compelling new user experiences to onboard the next set of consumers into the ecosystem.”

About the Pre-order sale

According to its press release, the War Riders pre-sale is expected to include a line-up of over 30,000 premium vehicles, along with an even smaller supply of 1,000 rare cars that will be available both on War Riders and the OpenSea marketplaces.

For players, buying a premium or rare edition vehicle unlocks special features such as improved mining and combat abilities when facing rival players. Once the sale is over, the only way for players to obtain these vehicles is through other players.

Users can visit the War Riders site and sign up for the pre-order sale, which is currently set to private until the beginning of the sale on August 20th.

For more information about the pre-order sale, visit the War Riders site here.

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