Reality Clash Crypto Store to open for 1 week in London

Crypto comes to the streets of London

London has its fingers on the pulse of blockchain.

That’s according to the likes of Tony Pearce, the Co-founder of Reality Clash, and of the development company behind it, Reality Gaming Group.

In particular, Reality Gaming Group has announced that it will be launching the Reality Clash Crypto Store in collaboration with Jägermeister and Soho Radio.

The week-long event will run from Monday to Friday, 10th-14th September.

London’s one week ‘crypto-only’ shop

Along with having scheduled radio shows from Soho Radio, the event will consist of free masterclasses on how to obtain and send virtual currency.

These masterclasses will run across the entire week and include:

Monday 10 September, 4 pm – A Beginner’s Guide To Buying & Using Cryptocurrency

Tuesday 11 September, 4 pm – Exploring The Cultural Impact Of Video Games In 2018

Wednesday 12 September, 4 pm – How The Music Industry Is Using The Blockchain

Thursday 13 September, 4 pm – Using The Blockchain & Cryptocurrency In Video Games

Friday 14 September, 5 pm – Lessons From A Professional Hacker

Throughout the week, players will also get the chance to play Reality Clash, one of the games on our Most Anticipated Games list, a mobile-based game that immerses players in a virtual world to battle other players for prizes.

Pearce explains the reasoning behind the collaborative event, citing the positive approach London has towards cryptocurrency and blockchain gaming.

“London is already leading the way in the cryptocurrency scene, and so it’s right for us to dedicate a week to celebrating this brave new world,” Pearce continues.

“We are conscious that many people are aware of cryptocurrency but don’t know where to start with it – or think that you have to invest thousands of pounds.”

“Our pop-up store, plus the launch of Crypto Week, will give everyone the chance to learn how to use cryptocurrency, while also offering some great entertainment, including live bands, video games, competitions and more.”

The store will be based at 22c Great Windmill Street, London W1D 7LD.

For more information, check out the Reality Clash website here.

The Reality Clash team, including Tony Pearce, will be taking part in our upcoming event: Blockchain Gamer Connects Helsinki 2018. Find out more about it right here.

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