Blockchain Gamer Connects Helsinki – track rundown

Here’s what to expect from BGCH

We’re just days away from the start of Blockchain Gamer Connects Helsinki.

And if you’re not already excited for all that’s in store, here are some more reasons why you should!

Along with playing host to nearly 40 speakers and over 18 hours of content, the conference is split into two days with four tracks, providing essential insight for anyone from newcomers to the blockchain gaming world, to highly experienced developers curious about what the future holds.

Here, we’ll give you a break down of what tracks to expect from Blockchain Gamer Connects this year in Helsinki.

Blockchain Gamer Connects Helsinki – the tracks

The Blockchain Basics

This track is targetting those that have a genuine interest in getting started in the world of blockchain gaming. This includes the applications of blockchain for gaming in the mobile market and talks by the likes of Kris Vaivods and Rob Nicholls of Hash Rush.

The Blockchain Basics track also includes a keynote speech by the Founder and CEO of DapDap, Nick Wu.

GameMaker Sessions

This track is aimed at those that have a fundamental understanding of blockchain games, and are interested in taking the next steps to build their game.

With talks between the likes of Emmanuel Okoro (BD Manager OF CryptoBarons), Andrej Cvoro (CEO of Decenter), Ralph Laemmche (CEO of TouchHour), and Marguerite deCourcelle (CEO of Blockade Games) on building games using blockchain.

ICO Insights and Token Trends

This series of talks includes speakers like Paul Barclay of Dargon Foundry discussing how to make blockchain more accessible for gamers and developers. ICO Insights and Token Trends shed light on how to piece together tokenized assets for your game.

Link to the Future

Much as the name suggests, the Link to the Future track brings together speakers who shed some light on what the next few years have in store for blockchain games and its developers.

Link to the Future is for people and developers with a broad range of experience: from those interested in the future directions blockchain will take gaming, to companies seeking to gain an edge in the new landscape.

To find out more about Blockchain Gamer Connects, visit the schedule or main site. Stay tuned to Blockchain Gamer for further details!

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