Robot Cache obtains $3m in funding from Millennium Blockchain

IRON is becoming a valuable resource

Robot Cache has been shifting millions of its platforms digital tokens this month.

It’s because the company has since secured $3 million worth of funding from Millennium Blockchain, which issued the funding in exchange for the IRON tokens.

Reportedly, along with this initial amount, Millennium will be issuing various three-year, non-cashless warrants to Robot Cache, which have the potential to raise a further $7 million in capital for the latter, should it wish to take advantage of them.

As a video game distribution platform, Robot Cache‘s CEO, Lee Jacobson said that the support of Millennium represents the perfect partnership for realizing the company’s potential:

“Brandon [Romanek, founder, and CEO] and his team at Millennium are the perfect partners to help us realize this vision. Millennium is committed to building a best-in-class portfolio of companies that will seek to redefine their respective industries.”

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