EOS Knights hits the highs – Top performing blockchain games of October

October has been a unique month for blockchain games

Hey there everyone, and welcome to our roundup of the top performing games from the world of blockchain!

There has been a lot going on in late 2018, and it demonstrates that, much like Sinatra said, the best is yet to come for blockchain gaming.

Much like in previous months, we’ll be taking a look at the biggest games under these three categories:

  • MAUs
  • Transaction Volume, and
  • Total Volume

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the dApps.

Top performing blockchain games – October

Monthly Active users

EOS Knights

Monthly Active Users: 4,729

Over the course of October, EOS Knights has managed to more than double its user-base; pushing up by 52% so far.



MAU’s – 3,060

For the second time, CryptoKitties has been knocked off its perch as the number one game. Instead, it’s monthly users fell by nearly 15% over October.





MAUs – 1,260

Since its earlier peak of number 2 for MAUs in September, Etheremon has slid downwards with a 7% decrease to its users.

Longer-term, the game is still performing very well.


Best blockchain games – Transaction Volume

EOS Knights

Transaction Volume – 2.5 million

Not content with seeing its user base double, EOS Knights has also managed to surpass even CryptoKitties when it comes to transaction volume over the month.

The game has managed to accrue a staggering number of transactions over October, and it’ll be interesting to see how this changes over the coming months.

Unlike its counterparts, EOS Knights has the distinct advantage of not having any transaction fees. Meaning that its players can make more happen faster.



Transaction Volume – 176,000

While it takes 2nd place in transactions, October has been a good month for CryptoKitties.

While the number of transactions slid down slightly, the amount taking place remains relatively stable.




Transaction Volume – 32,000

For Etheremon, transactions appear to be working sideways instead of going down, which is a positive.

This trend may be down to some cooling off after the release and announcements from its previously announced adventure mode.


Best blockchain games – Total Volume



Total Volume – 2,220 ETH

Volume for CryptoKitties has remained stable over October, and while the likes of EOS Knights has stormed in with some strong records, CryptoKitties is able to stay as number 1 for volume.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained

Total Volume – 1,300

Months on from its release and players are still enamored with the prospect of a blockchain esport like Gods Unchained.

It sits at a strong and stable 2nd place in terms of volume.


EOS Knights

Total Volume – 30,000 EOS / 800 ETH

EOS Knights has had an incredibly strong October. Since the release of its game, there are clearly a large number of players building up squads and getting thoroughly invested.

While 30,000 EOS is an impressive figure for this particular game, it isn’t quite able to dethrone the usual ETH-based suspects.

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