OpenSea allows users to buy items with Decentraland’s MANA

OpenSea is opening up the door for ERC20 tokens on its marketplace.

The team has announced its intention of widening the number of tokens it accepts, stating that it’s the simplest option when it comes to dApps on Ethereum.

Among the first Ethereum-based tokens to be introduced on OpenSea are Makers’ stablecoin DAI and Decentraland’s MANA. While being the first two to be included, they will be the first of many for the digital asset marketplace.

MANA on the OpenSea

So what does this mean for users of either, or both? It means that any assets on sale from Decentraland via OpenSea can be bought and sold for ETH or MANA. This fact alone means that any need for transferring between currencies is removed.

Some of the other positives include that with the market’s bundling system, users can package and sell multiple plots of LAND in one sale. For those users that want to buy LAND but don’t have ETH, they’ll be able to make bids using WETH (Wrapped Ethereum).

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